Sunday Morning Servants


Worker’s Schedule for when we resume with regular services
1st week back
Front Entrance Greeters:  Mike & Brenda Terpstra
Canopy Greeters:  Vernon Terlouw
Nursery:  Donna & Dot Zylstra
2nd week
Front Entrance Greeters:  Chris & Deanne Tice
Canopy Greeters:  Lila Turnbull
Nursery:  Mark & Missy Doll
3rd week
Front Entrance Greeters: Cory & Shawna Tice
Canopy Greeters: Lynn Van De Krol
Nursery:  Marlene Bryan & Rita Carlson
4th week
Front Entrance Greeters: Wes & Jaci Vande Krol
Canopy Greeters:  Joel Vande Krol
Nursery:  Bev Flander & Jr High Student
5th week
Front Entrance Greeters:  Glenn & Coleen Van Dyke
Canopy Greeters: Bev Van Genderen
Nursery:  Dwight & Kim Harsselaar
6th week
Front Entrance Greeters:  Don & Dee Van Genderen
Canopy Greeters:  Rodney & Bev Van Maanen
Nursery:  Duane & Sherry Harthoorn
















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